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Sarah’s Kabob Shop

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Right by the Dmv on West Market, Sarah’s Kabob Shop is the latest ethnic restaurant to sit in this location, following Stix Kabobs and before that the dearly departed Peruvian Chicken (pollo a la brasa) place.

sarahs kabobs

Sarahs kabobs

This place seems to be doing well business-wise, but we weren't blown away by the food.

Sarahs kabobs

Sarahs kabobs

I ordered the falafel plate and M got a gyro plate. The falafel was a little burnt and lacking in any discernible flavor. Closer to a hush puppy than falafel. The salad was served with something that tasted like ranch and I didn’t finish the hummus, which is a big deal for me.

The fries were pretty good and they make a big deal that they’re made in house. The gyro was standard and decent.

I’d put this place in the Pita Delite category. I’d have a hard time coming back with Nazareth Bakery right down the street…


Bangkok Cafe

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This is a great little Thai restaurant off Holden across from the Japanese steakhouse.

Bangkok cafe

The menu is pretty standard, but everything we’ve had is done really well.

Panang curry is M’s usual. The green curry is excellent as well.




Larb is a salad made of minced chicken, lime, chilis, fish sauce, cilantro and toasted ground rice. It’s a wild mix of flavors and a nice light change of pace from curries and noodles.

Neat story on the menu about how the owners wound up living in greensboro.


M says this is her favorite Thai place in greensboro. Give it a shot and let us know what you think or what your fav Thai place is in the comments.

Update: El Mercadito

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Been a while since we posted last. I’ve had a few opportunities to eat at El Mercadito recently and I still feel they have the strongest taco game in town.


The last two or three times I’ve been there, the cashier has spoken great English. They also have an English section on the menu now.


Neat place with a meat counter and a bakery. Next time I might have to try the chicharron.


Give it a try. I recommend the lengua and chorizo.

Chef Samir Shaltout

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Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it?

chef shamir shaltout

But hey, neither does baba ganouj and that doesn’t stop it from being delicious. Speaking of delicious baba ganouj, this place has it, among other nice mezze options.

baba ganouj

Clockwise from top right, baba ganouj, hummus, moussaka and marinated eggplant. We also split an okra and beef tagine, which I thought was only ok. It tasted homemade, but more in a “I probably could have made this at home” way. The rice and salad were really good though and it was a ton of food.


The inside was surprisingly well decorated to be in a strip mall and the service was great.


While not the best middle eastern restaurant in Greensboro, Chef Samir Shaltout is definitely a good option in the ethnic food wasteland of Wendover.

Taste Jamaica

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Edit: this place has closed

Taste Jamaica

Jamaican food in Colfax, who knew? M and I stumbled upon this place while visiting the Piedmont Triad Farmer’s Market. The booth had a good bit of products available, including baked goods, Jamaican meat patties, drinks and more.

Taste Jamaica

I got a beef and cheese patty for $3 and it was really tasty. It was nicely spicy with flavors of allspice and habanero peppers.

jamaican beef patty

And as I promised the lady working there, here’s a link to their Facebook.

I <3 Pho Asian Cuisine

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I ❤ Pho Asian Cuisine – 4715 High Point Rd

No matter where you come from, I think it's safe to say that nothing hits the spot on a cold rainy day like a big bowl of warm soup.

I Love Pho

My first introduction to pho was in Springfield, VA outside of Washington DC. M was working in DC at the time, but I was still in school. I’d come up to visit her Thursday and stay through the weekend, and to pass the time on Friday I would go eat at different ethnic restaurants. Hey, we all have our things.


Pho is a broth based soup filled with rice noodles and your choice of meat, including some interesting choices like ‘tendon’. The first thing to come out when you order pho is a huge basket filled with fresh basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, lime and jalepeno slices. At this point you realize you probably made a good decision.


The soup that follows is a mix of familiar and new, with rice vermicelli noodles, meat (in this case brisket and flank), maybe a few onion slices and plenty of rich and heady broth. It’s like your mom bringing you a bowl of chicken noodle soup when you have a cold, if your mom was Vietnamese. Maybe she is, I don’t know!

At this point you can doctor your pho up however you choose with any of the above accouterments, as well as hoison sauce, sriracha, fish sauce and other options. I ❤ Pho also offers a variety of stirfried dishes and other entrees. M ordered the lemongrass chicken noodle bowl, which was killer as well.

lemongrass chicken

If you’re looking for good Vietnamese in Greensboro, especially good pho, you’ve got to try I ❤ Pho.

Purple Yam

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Edit: this place has closed.

He warned me.

Purple Yam

“We’ve had a few Americans complain that the dish is a little…greasy.” How bad could it be? Pork, green onions, chiles, lemon and lime – sounds awesome right.

Pork fat

Well now I see why some consider it greasy as the dish is made of 100% pork fat. Served with rice, this was a bit rich for my blood (which likely now has a similar viscosity to the dish). The lemon juice and the generous, generous dose of sriracha didn’t even come close to cutting that.

M went with the Filipino breakfast – toasted garlic rice, a piece of fried plantain, chinese style sausage, and a microwaved egg.


Lumpia was the main reason we were here. Picture a Vietnamese fried spring roll, but with the filling of a Chinese dumpling and you’ve got lumpia. Hard to argue with.


And then there’s this.

halo halo

Halo halo. If you’re wondering what in the blue blazes is all that stuff… well, we are too. Each bite M fed me driving home seemed to have something different in it, and I’d say I recognized maybe 50% of what was shoveled in my mouth, which included beans. Tasty in a very strange way, it was like the Vegas slot machine of deserts. I didn’t hit the jackpot all that often, but I felt an odd compulsion to pull the handle and ask for another bite…

Go check out Purple Yam and try a noodle dish and a halo halo. And if they warn you about anything, heed the advice…