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La Vaca Ramona

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I have wanted to go here for years.  Each time I drive past it on W. Market St. I say to myself, “Why haven’t I been there yet!?”  So after church on Sunday, M and I decided it was the day.

La Vaca Ramona is actually three things in one, a grocery store, a halal meat counter, and actually a little sit down restaurant.  M and I were pumped about the last part.

To your left when you walk in are a handful of picnic tables and a cashiers stand.  They do take out as well according to a sign.  We sat down and were promptly greeted by a very nice waitress.  She gave us a few drink options – horchata and agua fresca de sandia stood out.

The horchata was great.  Some horchata can be way too cinnamon-y.  This had a pleasant vanilla taste with just the right amount of cinnamon.  The sandia agua fresca was awesome!  All it was was pureed fresh watermelon.  Very delicious and not too sweet, which we were worried it would be.

The above sandwich was simultaneously the best and worst decision I have made in a long time.  Best because it was delicious and worst because I decided to eat all of it.  Tortas are fantastic sandwiches – meat, cheese, beans, avocado, all on a fresh toasted bun.  This particular torta, the torta cubana, contained chorizo, ham, steak, chicken, and some kind of salami type meat, along with a nice layer of queso fresco, jalepenos, and the above mentioned toppings.  Holy gut buster batman.

M went her normal route and got tacos.  They were good with a nice amount of onion and cilantro.  The chorizo was her favorite.  The tomatillo hot sauce was great as usual.  The tacos were solid, but if want tacos in the future we’ll still probably go to El Camino Real up the street.

Afterwards, the same nice waitress offered us a piece of tres leches cake “to see if it tastes good.”  I think something was lost in translation there…

The cake was nice and moist with a few layers of a strawberry jam.  The other fun part of La Vaca Ramona was browsing the store after lunch.  M is a mexican candy junkie so we had to load up.

They also had what looked to be a good selection of pastries.  We bought one, but were too full to really take more than a bite, and I think we both decided we’re not really big pastry folks.  It was pretty good though, I’m just not a good judge on those.

Prices were good, they had a solid menu (there’s a lot we want to go back and try) and the food was tasty.  Go check it out!


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