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Khan’s Mongolian Grill & Hibachi

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EDIT: This place is now called Zali’s. I haven’t been back, but I’ve heard from co-workers that their Mongolian BBQ lunch buffet is great.

Khan’s Mongolian Grill is a Korean/Japanese restaurant in the Fantacity International Shopping Center, home of the Super G Mart grocery store and a whole host of ethnic restaurants.  My friend recommended Khan’s to me after he visited, so when M and I were debating where to eat dinner, we decided we would give it a shot.

My heart started racing when I saw Korean BBQ and Bibimbap.  Having never had either of them, I was in a quandary – what to get?  M, my dad and sister were of no help.  They were set on the build your own bowl option shown below.

Kimchi salad was pushing me towards the sliced spicy pork bbq, but after our waitress assured me that bibimbap came with kimichi as well, my decision was made.  Bibimbap it was.  Along with those traditional Korean dishes, you can see Khan’s Japanese influence in a few ways – the udon noodle option for the bowls, the gyoza appetizer, and of course the hibachi options.  We got the gyoza as an appetizer (4 dumplings for $3.95)

The somewhat greasy little dumplings were filled with pork and vegetables and served with soy sauce and a small salad with ginger dressing.  For the price I thought they were pretty good.

The build your own bowl menu was slightly confusing.  The non-descriptive titles of the sauces left us guessing, but our waitress brought us out a few samples of different ones.  Also not mentioned on the menu, they are ordered by heat level, with the ones at the bottom being the spiciest.

When the meals finally arrived, I was greeted by this beautiful sight.

Shredded pork, beef, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, bean sprouts all on a bed of rice and topped with a fried egg.  It came with kimchi, pickled daikon, and miso soup.  Huge amount of food for $9.95.  After giving it a good mix, I gave it a bite and while very good, it was a little bland.  I added all of the kimchi and the daikon which helped.  Not sure if that was a traditional move, but it gave the dish a little more flavor.  The kimchi was somewhat spicy, with a nice sweet, sour, funky thing going on.  Very good.  The pickled daikon added some brightness and acidity.  The shredded pork was sweet and tender.

The rest of the crowd went with the build your own bowl option, which I forgot to take a picture of.  M tried the honey soy sauce, which was great, but was incredibly sweet.  Way too sweet for me.  My dad tried the Mongo sauce and his was my favorite.  The variety of ingredients, especially vegetables, was nice and the serving sizes were huge.  Our total bill for 4entrees, 1 appetizer and waters came to around $46.00.

I am curious to try the BBQ sometime, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the bibimbap.  Apparently there’s a lunch buffet, but I can’t comment on that.

If you have a particular affinity for Korean food or want a reason to go check out Super G Mart, stop by Khan’s and give it a shot.



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  1. The portions were huge. Recommendation: after eating there, do not get a giant slide of cake at Maxie B’s.

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