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Dasarang Korean Restaurant

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Nothing like a nice light lunch.

It started out as a quest for tofu.  Sounds like a strange quest right?  Well that’s Good Eats In Greensboro for you.  We like it weird.  However D&H Tofu, which will hopefully be featured soon, is closed on Wednesdays.  Instead we wound up here.

They lured me in with the menus in the window.  Stewed pork belly, spicy kimchi soup, shortribs, bulgogi, bibimbap – it didn’t take much more convincing.  Dasarang is another awesome ethnic restaurant located in the Fantacity shopping center. It’s a nice, clean little restaurant.  There are probably 10 tables total, most seating 6 or more.

We were promptly greeted and given menus.  It smelled really good inside, like sesame oil and garlic.

Apparently I’m not very good at taking pictures of menus because that was the very best one.  Check the bibimbap description though – how can that not be awesome?

I ordered spicy kimchi soup with pork and tofu and M ordered the bulgogi.  Special on fried dumplings today?  Whyyyy not.  After a few minutes of waiting, out came a cart covered in food heading right towards us.  This part is one of my favorite things about Korean food – banchan.  Banchan are little plates of various kimchi, vegetables, pickles, and to be honest I’m not really sure what all else.  This time it was kimchi, some kind of cold sauteed greens with sesame oil and soy sauce (really really good), crunchy bean sprouts with more sesame oil, some kind of funky zucchini dish, and what I think were cubed turnips in chili paste.  Add rice, those delicious dumplings and the original entrees we ordered and that’s a lot of food.

Note how it doesn’t all fit in the frame.

I’ve got to hand it to them, everything was really delicious.  The spicy kimchi soup lived up to its name.  It had a nicy funky tang from the kimchi and the tofu was surprisingly delicious.  I could go on a rant about tofu haters here, but I’ll save that for the D&H Tofu post.  M’s bulgogi rocked.  I’m honestly not sure what the spices were, but I know it’s finely chopped sauteed beef, onions, scallions, garlic, and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.  Lemongrass maybe?  Who knows.  I found myself reaching across the table to her plate pretty frequently.

Fun to eat and share, delicious food, and really friendly waitstaff.  Go check it out.


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  1. Love me some bulgogi and kimchi! You guys will have to share this place with us next time we are in town.

  2. Good stuff guys! So this is a test to see if it will subscribe me…

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  4. My first visit today but definitely not my last. This is the best Korean food that I have ever had in a restaurant. The folks were friendly, the service superb and the food beyond description.

  5. This year, as my resolution of sorts, I’ve made it my mission to find a good Korean restaurant in Greensboro (or a neighboring city). My friend and I are considering going here–it looks absolutely perfect–but I’m hesitant because I know that most Korean dishes feature meat or are made with “hidden meat” and I’m a vegetarian. What I’m wondering is if you noticed any vegetarian dishes on the menu or if you know if any of the dishes can be made sine meat upon request?

    • Hey Casey,

      Thanks for the comment. Are you a true vegetarian? Do you eat fish/shellfish at all? I know that Korean food uses dried shrimp in dishes like kimchi quite often and they obviously love some pork, but I bet you could find some good vegetarian options. They eat a ton of tofu.


      • Ryan,
        I am a true vegetarian through-and-through and don’t eat seafood, unfortunately. Though if tofu is featured quite often in their dishes, I’m sure I could find something that would fit in my dietary restrictions. Thank you!

  6. the restaurant has changed its look and is now owned by different people, you should go check it out and see if your review is still the same!


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