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I’ll give you one guess what they sell.

I’ve been wanting to try this Fantacity place for a while now, partly for the potential of it being tasty, but mainly because it proudly champions tofu, which to most Americans ranks somewhere between brussel sprouts and liver on the list of least favorite foods.

I’m not sure why this tofu hate exists.  Maybe because most people only recognize it as a meat substitute, like this abomination.  However, tofu has been around for thousands of years (somewhere around 170 BC according to Chinese legend…and wikipedia) – long before the idea of a meat substitute existed.

I’ll grant it’s not the most attractive food, but it’s hard to find fault with the flavor of tofu.  Mainly because, on its own, tofu is basically flavorless.  Tofu does a great job of picking up other flavors though.  This 24oz container of tofu, which was like $4.99 or something, was flavored with lemongrass and red chili flakes.  It comes with a sweet vinegar chili sauce/dip.  Nothing offensive at all about it, but kind of bland.  It’d be great in a stirfry or curry though.  They also had plain and mushroom/scallion varieties of tofu, as well as silken tofu.  D&H makes all of their tofu in-house.

The real star was this:

Mung bean and coconut dessert soup?  Apparently these are very common in Vietnam and kids eat them after school lets out like Americans would stop by McDonald’s and get a soft serve cone.  They also had a dessert soup that contained mushrooms, so this seemed pretty tame in comparison.  It was like a slightly grittier version of tapioca pudding with a coconut cream on top.  Not sure if it contained any sort of tofu, but I don’t think it did.  Really tasty, if I was in the shopping center I’d grab another one.


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  1. This place have the best tasting tofu ever! I travel a lot, i have tried tofu in atlanta, california and in virginia, nothing compared to the tofu here at d and h tofu. They have different varieties of tofu as well, the fried tofu with mushrooms and the ones with lemongrass are delicious. They also have “tofu pudding” that you eat with this ginger sauce is my favorite! Though, i have not tried the dessert souo. i come here at least once a week, the workers there are very friendly. i suggest everyone should come try this place

  2. I have never tried tofu. The picture you posted up looks delicious. I’ve seen silken tofu but never fried. What i really want to try is that dessert soup. Boy that looks good

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  4. I love their tofu! I’ll tell you like I told them, this is seriously the best stuff around. They keep the fresh white tofu in the back so you have to ask them for it. Perfect texture and delicious.


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