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Tu Quynh Vietnamese Restaurant

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Had the chance to check out a Vietnamese place I had been wanting to try.  Right inside the Super G Mart off W. Market is a Vietnamese restaurant – Tu Quynh.  I was lured in by my craving for a delicious sandwich called a banh mi.

Banh mis consist of meat, in this case roast pork, a smear of pate, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalepenos, fish sauce, and usually mayo – although this one was mayo free.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of flavors going on.  However, something about the combination makes them incredibly good.  They’re usually cheap too.  Mine was $3.50, which is actually on the high side.

The restaurant is a small little place.  They’ll give you menus if you are eating there or you can order at the counter to go.  One of the cool things about this place was their drink selection.

I tried the sugarcane drink in the bottom left.  It was very sweet, and had an intense citrus flavor like you bit into an orange peel, including that bitter flavor you get.  It made sense when I asked the guy about it.  They blend sugar cane and whole oranges to order and strain out the liquid.  it was interesting, although next time I’d probably order something else.

And being the fat kid healthy eater that I am, I also ordered an order of spring rolls.  They were packed with the usual cellophane noodles, basil, mint, shrimp, chicken, and came with the hoisen/peanut dipping sauce.  One is missing in that picture.

I am looking forward to returning and trying some of their other dishes, like the rice noodle with sour pork hash, whatever that is!


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  2. Try the banh xeo crepe sometime!! Mine had a weeeeeee bit too many bean sprouts in it for my taste, but the pancake itself, with yummy, fatty chunks of pork skin cooked in, was incredible, especially with the spicy fish sauce.


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