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Cleopatra’s Restaurant

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Baba ganouj > hummus.

And if you like either, try Cleopatra’s.  It’s located in the shopping center beside Chipotle, where Basil and Co used to be.  It was recently opened by an Egyptian guy in Greensboro who, according to their website, was inspired by the revolutions in Egypt and wanted to share his culture.

Disclaimer: I think was my first time eating Egyptian.  However, I’ve tried the cuisines from most of the surrounding countries in Africa and around the Mediterranean.  A lot of it was familiar in one form or the other – hummus, baba ganouj, labneh, shwarma, tagines, etc.  Sadly, what were most excited about fell short of our expectations: the pita.  Middle Eastern pita is slightly different than the pita we’re used to.  Instead of flat and dense, it’s more like a warm, delicious whoopie cushion.  Like this .  Visually, it was spot on, however the texture was much tougher and drier than what I’ve had before.  This might just be how Egyptian pita is for all I know.  I still ate it (and M’s.)  Also, it was pretty soon after they opened and they might have still been working out some kinks.

M got a chicken and rice dish that didn’t do much for us.  It was a lot like…chicken and rice.

Neither of us would order that again – not bad, just bland.  The dips and appetizers though were awesome.  Especially that baba ganouj. They claim on the menu that it’s the world’s best. I believe them.


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