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Never judge an ethnic restaurant by its cover.

I had driven by Seoul Garden countless times and for whatever reason had never tried it.  Something about the dingy exterior and the Korean BBQ Steakhouse sign had me thinking it would be your basic low-rent, cliche Japanese steakhouse experience.  No sir.  Not Seoul Garden.

This place is far from American-ized and each time I’ve been, there’s been a healthy percentage of Koreans eating there.  Always a reassuring sign.  The lunch menu consists of a number of soups, such as the excellent pork and kimchi soup above, a few rice and noodle dishes, and some bento-box type options like below.  Prices are usually in the $5.99 – $8.99 range, a great deal.

I’ve been three times now and ordered a kimchi soup each time, once with pork and twice with beef short rib.  Even though I want to try other things (like this funky tofu and egg soup) I can’t not order the kimchi soup.  Something about the unctuousness of the long-cooked fatty pieces of beef or pork and the sharpness and heat of the kimchi… Man.  Good stuff.

Typical of Korean restaurants, the meal starts off with banchan – little plates of snacks and condiments.

And typical of banchan, it’s pretty hit or miss.  The funky apple and noodle slaw type stuff in the bottom left is awesome, some of the others are kinda ehh.

They end the meal with a little bowl of what’s basically a cinnamon granita (or cinnamon slushie as my 11 year old sister called it.)  It’s basic and there’s not much to it, but it’s tasty and a nice way to end the meal.

Seoul Garden is on W. Market up the road from Super G mart and some of the other restaurants we’ve tried.


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  1. Great place. I agree — not much to look at but a great place to eat. Cheap too!

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  3. It is a great place, the food is delicious, we have been there just for diner. All the severs are friendly and willing to explain what is the stuff and how to eat it, there is a lady, that I feel ashamed to say I haven’t ask her name, that she always remember us, and we don’t go that frequently maybe 3 times a year, I think she remembers more our daughter than us.
    Great prices and great food.


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