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El Camino Real

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It’s crazy that we haven’t reviewed this place yet, as it’s our favorite Mexican restaurant in Greensboro.

El Camino Real is on Spring Garden across from the Food Lion shopping center and right next to Church’s Chicken.

While the menu features plenty of “Americanized” classics, this places puts out some seriously good tacos, sopes, and tortas too.  I have a hard time not ordering tacos each time we eat there, especially the chorizo and carnitas.  They do a really good job with the chorizo, getting it nice and crispy and not as greasy as some other places.

Another plus is El Camino Real serves horchata.

Horchata is usually a rice-based drink with lots of cinnamon.  They make theirs in house and it is awesome.  Warning, if you try it, you’ll get hooked.

This is another place that makes fresh tortillas.  I’ve decided that I can eat anything and enjoy it if it’s wrapped up in a warm fresh tortilla.  They get the rolls for their tortas from El Mercadito up the street, so those are nice and fresh too.  The owner is actually from El Salvador, so they have papusas on the menu as well, which are pretty solid.

Sorry for the lack of pictures –  all I order are the tacos!  Anyone know some other restaurants in Greensboro that could compete for “Top Taco” ?


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  1. You know, I never liked Mexican food all that much until I ate at El Camino Real. As someone who eats very little meat, all that was offered were various combinations of beans, cheese and rice. At El Camino everything is so fresh and they use slices of avocado as a garnish! You really need to try their version of guacamole. I could make a meal off of that alone. Plus, the employees are so friendly. I love that place.


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