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I’d read on Yelp that this was one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Greensboro.

I’d have to agree.  Saigon is on the corner of High Point Rd and Merritt.  Located in a nondescript building, the inside is much nicer than the outside, similar to the experience we had at Seoul Garden.

The menu consisted of mainly noodle and stirfry dishes, with the majority of prices around $11-$13.

We started with the papaya rolls, which were very good.  The Nuoc Mam dipping sauce was nice.  It’s usually a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, chilies, and vinegar.  It hits all the right salty sweet hot tangy notes.

I ordered the Caramelized Pork, which was served with rice and what looks like a chef salad.

The salad was actually full of basil and cilantro leaves though, and was a nice fresh compliment to the saltiness and heat of the pork.  The pork itself was a little tough, but I still enjoyed it.

M ordered the Hot and Sour soup.

This was really similar to Thai Tom Yum Gai soup.  Redolent of lemongrass and fish sauce, the soup was packed with pineapple, chicken and a bunch of other vegetables.  It was really good.  Served with a side of rice, two people could viably split it.

Their lunch menu looked good too, with cheaper prices and some interesting options.

We took the opportunity to cruise through some shopping centers on High Point Rd on the way back and found a couple other ethnic restaurants that we’ll be checking out soon!



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  1. Good stuff, Neelys! I’ve been to Pho Vien Huong off Spring Garden but not Saigon. R and I will have to check it out sometime.


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