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Purple Yam

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Edit: this place has closed.

He warned me.

Purple Yam

“We’ve had a few Americans complain that the dish is a little…greasy.” How bad could it be? Pork, green onions, chiles, lemon and lime – sounds awesome right.

Pork fat

Well now I see why some consider it greasy as the dish is made of 100% pork fat. Served with rice, this was a bit rich for my blood (which likely now has a similar viscosity to the dish). The lemon juice and the generous, generous dose of sriracha didn’t even come close to cutting that.

M went with the Filipino breakfast – toasted garlic rice, a piece of fried plantain, chinese style sausage, and a microwaved egg.


Lumpia was the main reason we were here. Picture a Vietnamese fried spring roll, but with the filling of a Chinese dumpling and you’ve got lumpia. Hard to argue with.


And then there’s this.

halo halo

Halo halo. If you’re wondering what in the blue blazes is all that stuff… well, we are too. Each bite M fed me driving home seemed to have something different in it, and I’d say I recognized maybe 50% of what was shoveled in my mouth, which included beans. Tasty in a very strange way, it was like the Vegas slot machine of deserts. I didn’t hit the jackpot all that often, but I felt an odd compulsion to pull the handle and ask for another bite…

Go check out Purple Yam and try a noodle dish and a halo halo. And if they warn you about anything, heed the advice…