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Best kept secret in Greensboro, and I have no idea why it’s still a secret.


This is one of those places where M and I go in expecting to just get lunch and come out with $40 worth of other stuff. You’ve been warned. Giacomo’s has a counter where you can get sandwiches and deli stuff, and also a cold section where you can get quarts of housemade tomato sauce, fresh pasta, etc. They also have a meat counter with meatballs, italian sausage, veal cutlets, etc…

so tasty

No doubt, the stars of the show are the sandwiches though. Let me tell you what you’re looking at in the above picture. On the right you’ve got some house cured prosciutto and other salami. In the middle is a nice slice of provolone. On the left is grilled and pickled eggplant. (This is the very best part of the sandwich. I went through 10-15 eggplants last summer easy trying to replicate this at home.) Some roasted red peppers on the bottom and you have yourself one heck of a sandwich.

If you haven’t been, GO RIGHT NOW!




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