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Update: El Mercadito

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Been a while since we posted last. I’ve had a few opportunities to eat at El Mercadito recently and I still feel they have the strongest taco game in town.


The last two or three times I’ve been there, the cashier has spoken great English. They also have an English section on the menu now.


Neat place with a meat counter and a bakery. Next time I might have to try the chicharron.


Give it a try. I recommend the lengua and chorizo.


I <3 Pho Asian Cuisine

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I ❤ Pho Asian Cuisine – 4715 High Point Rd

No matter where you come from, I think it's safe to say that nothing hits the spot on a cold rainy day like a big bowl of warm soup.

I Love Pho

My first introduction to pho was in Springfield, VA outside of Washington DC. M was working in DC at the time, but I was still in school. I’d come up to visit her Thursday and stay through the weekend, and to pass the time on Friday I would go eat at different ethnic restaurants. Hey, we all have our things.


Pho is a broth based soup filled with rice noodles and your choice of meat, including some interesting choices like ‘tendon’. The first thing to come out when you order pho is a huge basket filled with fresh basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, lime and jalepeno slices. At this point you realize you probably made a good decision.


The soup that follows is a mix of familiar and new, with rice vermicelli noodles, meat (in this case brisket and flank), maybe a few onion slices and plenty of rich and heady broth. It’s like your mom bringing you a bowl of chicken noodle soup when you have a cold, if your mom was Vietnamese. Maybe she is, I don’t know!

At this point you can doctor your pho up however you choose with any of the above accouterments, as well as hoison sauce, sriracha, fish sauce and other options. I ❤ Pho also offers a variety of stirfried dishes and other entrees. M ordered the lemongrass chicken noodle bowl, which was killer as well.

lemongrass chicken

If you’re looking for good Vietnamese in Greensboro, especially good pho, you’ve got to try I ❤ Pho.


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Best kept secret in Greensboro, and I have no idea why it’s still a secret.


This is one of those places where M and I go in expecting to just get lunch and come out with $40 worth of other stuff. You’ve been warned. Giacomo’s has a counter where you can get sandwiches and deli stuff, and also a cold section where you can get quarts of housemade tomato sauce, fresh pasta, etc. They also have a meat counter with meatballs, italian sausage, veal cutlets, etc…

so tasty

No doubt, the stars of the show are the sandwiches though. Let me tell you what you’re looking at in the above picture. On the right you’ve got some house cured prosciutto and other salami. In the middle is a nice slice of provolone. On the left is grilled and pickled eggplant. (This is the very best part of the sandwich. I went through 10-15 eggplants last summer easy trying to replicate this at home.) Some roasted red peppers on the bottom and you have yourself one heck of a sandwich.

If you haven’t been, GO RIGHT NOW!




Pasta and stuff

Mosaic Festival – Food and Music

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M and I had a chance to check out Mosaic this year and it was awesome.


With vendors representing Palestine, Bhutan, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, the Caribbean, Iraq, the Congo, and others I’m forgetting plus two food trucks, there was a lot of food to try!

Chiba Chiba Dumpling and Taco Corner dishing out the goods.

Killer dumplings and Hong Kong sausage from Chiba Chiba

Burmese Banana Cake
Banana Leaves

banana cake

Kabobs, somosas, and Congo-style scotch eggs plus killer pili pili hot sauce

Hibiscus and Ginger drinks from the Caribbean – pro tip from the Jamaican friend we made, mix the two 50:50.
hibiscus and ginger

Hummus, falafel and some stuffed and fried dumpling from Iraq

Strange soda from Korea – awesome tagline!


The crowd

All in all it was a lot of fun. Good music too, a Jewish bluegrass band, some singers from Nepal, and one heck of a Bollywood dancer doing his thing. Be sure you’re there next there!

Tu Quynh Vietnamese Restaurant

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Had the chance to check out a Vietnamese place I had been wanting to try.  Right inside the Super G Mart off W. Market is a Vietnamese restaurant – Tu Quynh.  I was lured in by my craving for a delicious sandwich called a banh mi.

Banh mis consist of meat, in this case roast pork, a smear of pate, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, jalepenos, fish sauce, and usually mayo – although this one was mayo free.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of flavors going on.  However, something about the combination makes them incredibly good.  They’re usually cheap too.  Mine was $3.50, which is actually on the high side.

The restaurant is a small little place.  They’ll give you menus if you are eating there or you can order at the counter to go.  One of the cool things about this place was their drink selection.

I tried the sugarcane drink in the bottom left.  It was very sweet, and had an intense citrus flavor like you bit into an orange peel, including that bitter flavor you get.  It made sense when I asked the guy about it.  They blend sugar cane and whole oranges to order and strain out the liquid.  it was interesting, although next time I’d probably order something else.

And being the fat kid healthy eater that I am, I also ordered an order of spring rolls.  They were packed with the usual cellophane noodles, basil, mint, shrimp, chicken, and came with the hoisen/peanut dipping sauce.  One is missing in that picture.

I am looking forward to returning and trying some of their other dishes, like the rice noodle with sour pork hash, whatever that is!

Dasarang Korean Restaurant

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Nothing like a nice light lunch.

It started out as a quest for tofu.  Sounds like a strange quest right?  Well that’s Good Eats In Greensboro for you.  We like it weird.  However D&H Tofu, which will hopefully be featured soon, is closed on Wednesdays.  Instead we wound up here.

They lured me in with the menus in the window.  Stewed pork belly, spicy kimchi soup, shortribs, bulgogi, bibimbap – it didn’t take much more convincing.  Dasarang is another awesome ethnic restaurant located in the Fantacity shopping center. It’s a nice, clean little restaurant.  There are probably 10 tables total, most seating 6 or more.

We were promptly greeted and given menus.  It smelled really good inside, like sesame oil and garlic.

Apparently I’m not very good at taking pictures of menus because that was the very best one.  Check the bibimbap description though – how can that not be awesome?

I ordered spicy kimchi soup with pork and tofu and M ordered the bulgogi.  Special on fried dumplings today?  Whyyyy not.  After a few minutes of waiting, out came a cart covered in food heading right towards us.  This part is one of my favorite things about Korean food – banchan.  Banchan are little plates of various kimchi, vegetables, pickles, and to be honest I’m not really sure what all else.  This time it was kimchi, some kind of cold sauteed greens with sesame oil and soy sauce (really really good), crunchy bean sprouts with more sesame oil, some kind of funky zucchini dish, and what I think were cubed turnips in chili paste.  Add rice, those delicious dumplings and the original entrees we ordered and that’s a lot of food.

Note how it doesn’t all fit in the frame.

I’ve got to hand it to them, everything was really delicious.  The spicy kimchi soup lived up to its name.  It had a nicy funky tang from the kimchi and the tofu was surprisingly delicious.  I could go on a rant about tofu haters here, but I’ll save that for the D&H Tofu post.  M’s bulgogi rocked.  I’m honestly not sure what the spices were, but I know it’s finely chopped sauteed beef, onions, scallions, garlic, and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.  Lemongrass maybe?  Who knows.  I found myself reaching across the table to her plate pretty frequently.

Fun to eat and share, delicious food, and really friendly waitstaff.  Go check it out.